(#10 25 th Anniversary 10” Face Jug by Crystal King

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This year is my stores 25th anniversary! And to celebrate that we are doing a limited number of Face jugs that are  stamped -Crystal King Pottery 25th anniversary. “Best jugs around”. The stamp is either etched in the clay by Etched Earth Designs or certain glazes require a fired on permanent fired on Decal as the stamp. They come in three glazes which are offered here on the site and if we have sold out, we are making more to release  this  year until the limited number is sold out.

On top of it this project was meant to help fund the new woodfired kiln building project that is taking place to be completed at the early part of next year so that we can fire wood fired kiln and have openings for the public right on my property on Highway 705. More details about this will come out soon , so that you can follow the story of the building project and when we plan to fire it the first time!    
Collectors who purchase one of the anniversary jugs to fund the kiln building will be personally invited to our very first Kiln Opening  early in 2025!